Mystery of Chombo’s 100 Houses Deepens

Now Daily

Zanu PF politburo member Ignatius Chombo has hidden his 100 mansions and villas around Zimbabwe in the names of fronts to prevent them being linked to him, Now Daily can reveal.

The sensational divorce of the multi-millionaire minister of home affairs from his wife of several decades Marian Chombo has cast some light on the improbable wealth of the former school teacher who owes a lot to his allegiance to President Robert Mugabe, his relative and homeboy from Zvimba.

The change in Chombo’s job from the ministry of local government, where title deeds are prepared, to the police ministry has left Chombo exposed to prying eyes about the source of his wealth. Once one of the most powerful ministers in government, Chombo is now at the mercy of forces loyal to his Zanu PF rival, commissar Saviour ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere, who are keen to know where Chombo’s wealth is hidden.

Through fronts such as property speculator Eddies Pfugari of the failed Damofalls and Knowe developments, who is married to Chombo’s sister, the minister is reputed to have acquired a business empire estimated to run into several millions of dollars.

The ‘sex scandal minister’, who was accused of dating a much younger woman before Marian Chombo decided to leave him and file for divorce at the High Court, has had a string of affairs with a chain of equally daunting women, according to his ex’s testimonies to relatives and the courts.

Chombo owns more than 100 mansions around Zimbabwe, according to the court summons and civil claims by Marian Chombo, who has been advised by Chombo’s rich relative, Mugabe to take it easy on the courts which he controls and manipulates.

“If you do not want Chombo to remain your husband as you claim, then why do you want to stick to Chombo’s name?” Mugabe scolded Marian Chombo after she announced that she was contesting parliamentary elections against her estranged husband in Zvimba North in 2013. She is now the shadow MP and chair of a unit of the Joyce Mujuru faction of Zanu PF, where Chombo actually belongs.

After the 100 house revelation, other properties linked to Chombo were discovered, bringing the total tally to between 100 and 200.

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