I Know Who Killed My Husband Says Joyce Mujuru

Mujuru Murdered

Now Daily


General Solomon Mujuru was murdered before being burned with the aid of an unknown substance, his widow Joyce Mujuru has sensationally claimed.

Mujuru was shot to death and doused with an ‘accelerant’ to ensure his body burned up quickly, his wife said in an interview published by the United Kingdom newspaper The Sunday Times on Feb. 21.

The former vice president claimed to know the killers of her husband but declined to name them, only saying, “The truth will come out”.

Joyce Mujuru said she arrived at the Beatrice farmhouse the former Chimurenga fighters seized violently from a white couple and found Mujuru still burning as the fire brigade had no water, which had to be sourced with bowsers locally. She claims she saw a “strange blue flame” coming from the burning body of General Mujuru and suspected it was the ‘accelerant’.

Mujuru did not provide any evidence for her suspicions. However, whistleblowers have pointed fingers at Mujuru’s main political rival, vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa for the killing. Others pointed out an Arab black market diamond dealer with who Mujuru allegedly clashed over ownership of River Ranch diamond mine, which the former army commander seized at gunpoint from its owners.


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