Mugabe Beaten up by Violent Wife Grace Mugabe

Now Daily

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe is living in perpetual fear of his violent wife Grace Mugabe after she brutally attacked him in front of his bodyguards and relatives, it emerged.

Details of the attack in October 2015 have now been leaked to the media by a whistleblower within the spy agency, the Central Intelligence Organization, who said she feared that the matter might be swept under the carpet and Mugabe could be killed by his wife, who has publicly stated her ambition to succeed him as president.

According to the leaked cell phone video seen by Now Daily, Grace Mugabe used martial arts tactics learned during her CIO training to punch the president, kick him in the groin and send him sprawling on the ground with a thunderclap to the ears.

In the video, members of the close security unit which is supposed to protect the president from such attacks just stare while their boss is being pummelled.

Eventually, Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao rushes to his aid and stops the beating. Throughout, Grace Mugabe is shouting obscenities, accusing Mugabe of philandering with Oppah Muchinguri, with whom Mugabe reportedly has a daughter, Tanya Rushesha. Grace Mugabe has previously fought in public with Muchinguri, who re-married recently.

Grace Mugabe has a history of violent attacks against many people, including managers at her Gushungo farm, white farmers and a news photographer. Mugabe has publicly complained that she abuses him at home. He has previously invited Zanu PF politburo members to intervene and end the marriage.

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