Mugabe Girlfriend Oppah Muchinguri Loots PSMAS $100 000

Now Daily

Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe’s mistress Oppah Muchinguri looted more than $100 000 from the troubled state medical insurer PSMAS and used the money to buy a luxury car and a plot, an official audit has revealed.

Parliament last week resolved to summon Muchinguri to public hearings as part of official investigations before she is asked to pay back what she stole.

An official report produced recently by auditor-general Mildred Chiri revealed that Muchinguri, who is the minister of environment, water and climate, was one of several cabinet ministers who stole a whopping $120 million from the Premier Service Medical Aid Society with the help of suspended former chief executive officer Cuthbert Dube.

“The report reveals two transactions involving Hon. Muchinguri of the purchase of a vehicle for $60 000 and a plot of land for $45 000 without any valuations or board approval. In addition to this, the report states that $3,8 million was paid to “high profile individuals (politicians, legislators and Government officials)” who have not been named,” said Bulawayo South MP Eddie Cross while moving the motion to have the culprits punished.

Cross’s motion, which was unanimously adopted, also directs the government to make efforts to recover the stolen money from Muchinguri and others.

Muchinguri is Mugabe’s long-time mistress and the pair allegedly has one child, Tanya Rushesha, who has been set up in business by the dictator, owning an aviation company and a private bank.

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