Grace Mugabe Desperate

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Grace Mugabe’s frustration at her failure to tackle rival Emmerson Mnangagwa during last week’s politburo meeting was evident. She pontificated at her Mazowe orphanage on Friday about Mnangagwa’s ‘corruption’, attempts to ‘kill Bona’, ‘witchcraft’ plots against Mugabe and unsubstantiated claims that the vice president wanted to bomb her ill-gotten farm.

Before she was through with her speech, people began trooping out of the venue, upset that she had summoned them to tell them infantile ‘jokes’ which are no longer funny in the face of one of the worst droughts in history which has reduced most rural people to beggars. It took war veteran Mandi Chimene to calm the people down and urge them to return to their seats just for the first lady to complete her speech. The villagers and others bussed in from Harare were not even interested in the government tractors, implements and computers that were paraded for distribution after the meeting in violation of the constitution which says such freebies should not be given along political party lines.

According to the plan, which unravelled dismally last Wednesday, Mnangagwa was to be ambushed by hired thugs as he attempted to enter Zanu PF headquarters for the politburo meeting. They would have beaten him up and overturned his car before killing him, if possible. Alternatively, they could just humiliate him by demonstrating vocally, leading the president to address them and thereby find an opportunity to say something negative about his deputy.

The plot unravelled after George Charamba, Mnangagwa’s running dog, used his access to information from the Central Intelligence Organization submitted to Mugabe to thwart the otherwise well-organised attempt.

Saviour Kasukuwere, the Zanu PF commissar, was vilified by the Herald, obviously prompted by Charamba on behalf of Mnangagwa. In the melee, Tyson, as Kasukuwere is known, became a target. War veterans were mobilized from the Midlands by the Mnangagwa group with the intention to physically attack the party commissar.

While all this was happening, professor Jonathan Moyo was huffing and puffing on Twitter like a side-kick in a wrestling match.

What the week’s events did was to crystallize the factions and make each contender for high office stick out. As one analyst said, Grace Mugabe is wrong, as she was wrong during the brutal war against Joyce Mujuru, to think that anyone is fighting for her. They are all fighting for themselves, using Mugabe and herself as stepping stones.

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