Wutawunashe Breaks Up With Wife Amid Adultery Charges

Now Daily
Family of God ministry founder Andrew Wutawunashe has split from his wife of several decades Rutendo Faith, amid reports of an adulterous affair with a younger Botswana woman.
Ending months of speculation about the troubled relationship, FOG church spokesperson and pastor Nehemiah Chingombe confirmed the breakup in a brief, cryptic statement to the church leadership, which was leaked to the media this week.
Chingombe said Wutawunashe, who calls himself an ‘apostle and prophet’ had been separated from his wife for some time and decided to end the marriage.
Sources within the ministry that has now spread to several countries said Wutawunashe had been having a secret romance with a woman from Botswana, which was discovered by Rutendo, a prominent medical doctor who was appointed board member of the Anti-Corruption Commission by president Robert Mugabe.
Rutendo, who has four adult children with Wutawunashe, all living abroad, is said to have flown into a rage about the adultery and moved out of their matrimonial home at a farm in Ruwa. Relatives said Wutawunashe was making frantic efforts to evict his estranged wife from the farm house.
Both Wutawunashe and his wife are said to be operatives of the Central Intelligence Organization working within the department of religious affairs in the president’s office. Wutawunashe’s brothers are active agents in the CIO. Jonathan Wutawunashe and his wife Shuvai posed for some time as ‘gospel musicians’ under the Family Singers, which spawned hits like ‘Ndasukwa Neropa’ before their thin cover was blown. Jonathan Wutawunashe has now been posted abroad as a ‘diplomat’. Shuvai Wutawunashe was Sally Mugabe’s bodyguard before she was appointed director of the late first lady’s Child Survival and Development Foundation.
Of late, Andrew Wutawunashe has done little to cover his links to the Mugabe regime, whose misrule he has endorsed as ‘God’s will’. Wutawunashe is responsible for vetting foreign preachers coming into Zimbabwe and confirmed to Now Daily that he was responsible for the deportation of German pastor Reinhard Bonkke and attacks on American preacher Tom Deuschle of Celebration church, whom he has shadowed. Many FOG church members have deserted Wutawunashe but he still survives on hand-outs from the CIO, which routinely uses religious leaders to give false hope to the disgruntled population.
Wutawunashe’s brother and FOG ‘bishop’ Erasmus Wutawunashe was also involved in a sex scandal after he made two college students pregnant in his Masvingo home town.
Wutawunashe is accused of ordering the murder the youthful pastor Tony Maseko after he discovered sex and financial scandals within the ‘ministry’.
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