Wheelbarrow for Mugabe

Now Daily
Ageing and ailing dictator Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has hit back at critics who say her husband is ‘too old’ and should now retire, saying if he really fails to walk, she will ensure he is pushed in a wheelbarrow.
Addressing a rally of her supporters in Mazowe, Grace Mugabe said she was concerned about regular rumours that the president had died, with some suggesting he could hardly walk due to old age and illness.
“VaMugabe kana vaakutadza kufamba kuenda kubasa ndichavaisa mubhara. Wheelchair inodhura saka ndichavaisa mubhara/If the president fails to walk, I’ll put him in a wheelbarrow. A wheelchair is expensive, so I’ll push him in a wheelbarrow so he can move around and go to the office,” Grace Mugabe said.
She said the stooping 92 year-old Mugabe, who was fitted with a metal brace to keep him upright, will be the ruling Zanu PF party’s presidential candidate in 2018 because he is “the only one” who can preserve peace.
“VaMugabe will be our 2018 candidate for the elections because he is the only one who can keep peace in Zimbabwe,” Grace Mugabe said. “We have lost confidence in potential successors.”
Grace Mugabe, who herself wants to succeed her husband as president, accused the army of trying to assassinate her and members of her family so they could install vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is the front-runner to succeed the ailing despot and a favourite of Western diplomats because of his more liberal policies towards the opposition.
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