Bona Mugabe Pregnant with a Girl

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Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe could become a grandfather before he dies after reports emerged that his first daughter Bona Mugabe-Chikore is pregnant.
Married to Simba Chikore at a lavish $23 million wedding attended by South African and Zambian presidents Jacob Zuma and Michael Sata, as well as Equatorial Guinea dictator Teodoro Obiang Mbasogo Nguema in 2014, Bona Mugabe has struggled to get pregnant. Her mother, Grace Mugabe, in desperation, invited self-styled ‘prophets’ Uebert Angel, Walter Magaya and Ezekiel Guti to “pray for a miracle”. Fervent prayers are said to have taken place at Guti’s Zaoga, where Chikore’s mother is a church elder.
“Bona is pregnant. Her father’s wish to hold a grandchild before he dies has been granted by God. He will die a happy man,” said a relative.
Tests have shown that Bona Mugabe is several months pregnant with a girl and should give birth before the year is out, said a source.
The 92 year-old Mugabe has endured shame in a society where children are highly prized after his first wife Sally gave birth to a son, Nhamo, who died in childhood. He has no other known children, except Bona and two men, one of whom is reported to have been fathered by businessman and Grace Mugabe’s former lover Peter ‘Boss Pams’ Pamire.
In parliament, the news of Bona Mugabe’s pregnancy was welcomed cynically by opposition members who said Mugabe should now “retire and play with his grandchild”.
“The President should spend most of his time with his family especially on the back of the reports that Bona is pregnant,” Chitungwiza South MP Godfrey Karakadzai Sithole said while debating Mugabe’s fitness to hold office. “The President might need to spend more time with his grandchildren.”
Bona Mugabe has avoided appearing in public, where the paparazzi are waiting to expose her bulge.
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