Adultery Laws Must Be Tightened

Now Daily
Adultery is an evil social practice. From whatever angle you look at it – civil, religious or political – this is a very destructive phenomenon. It destroys the family unit, which is the basis upon which our society is founded. It impoverishes breadwinners, whose incomes are diverted to prostitutes and the so-called ‘small houses’. Married women who cheat lose their family values and the love for their families which only they can provided. In the context of AIDS, adultery is a major driver of the deadly condition, fuelling infection.
There are many reasons why married or attached people go out of their established union and pleasure elsewhere but we are not going to waste time justifying something that is just downright wrong. We will stick to what the law says. People who are married in terms of the law are not permitted to go outside that union and have sex with other partners. Of course there are weaknesses in the sense that customary laws permit polygamy, which is glorified fornication because the Bible, or the ‘Almighty God’ from which our constitution draws its authority, does not permit multiple partners.
In this edition we publish the blood-curdling story of one Memory Mbondiah, a prostitute who hired thugs to beat up the wife of a man she had an illicit affair with. The fact that Mbondiah is a national executive member of the MDC-T gives a chilling insight into the calibre of leaders in the party which claims to be an alternative to Robert Mugabe’s autocratic rule. This is not surprising. The MDC-T leader himself is a certified adulterer, so it is natural that he would surround himself with people of like character.
Our president’s marriage is founded on adultery. He took Grace Marufu when she was his married secretary and destroyed her marriage. So, from the politicians, we have very few good examples.
However, in terms of the law, adultery is a punishable offence. Our courts should now come down hard on those who insist on ruining the marriage institution through lust. Women and men who commit this heinous crime must be sent to prison or made to pay heavy damages. In the case of young women and prostitutes (female and male) who target married people, it is time the law was severely applied.
Many family businesses depend on the stability of the marriage unit. Many bankruptcies are a direct result of fornication. This has tax implications and effects on the well-being of the nation as a whole.
We could go on and on giving reasons. But the fact that the people committing adultery find places to hide while committing it means they know it is wrong. It is up to the media to expose it wherever it occurs, especially involving people in high office. It is up to the victims to be bold enough to report it and it is the duty of the courts to apply deterrent sentences.
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