Mugabe Under Pressure to Fire Moyo, Kasukuwere

Now Daily

The deadly faction fighting in Zanu PF has taken a dangerous new turn with vocal calls growing for president Robert Mugabe to sack politburo members Jonathan Moyo and Saviour ‘Tyson’ Kasukuwere, who are aligned to Grace Mugabe’s G40 faction.

Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa is locked in mortal combat with the president’s wife, who is angling to succeed her husband.

Mnangagwa’s so-called Team Lacoste faction has mobilised war veterans and party youths to demonstrate at the Zanu PF headquarters denouncing Moyo and Kasukuwere when the party’s supreme politburo meets Wednesday.

Mnangagwa’s group accuses Moyo of revealing party secrets on Twitter and have made abuse of social media a rallying point for their militant supporters. G 40 accuses Lacoste faction member and Mugabe spokesman George Charamba of abusing the state media to advance the cause of Mnangagwa, who is vying to succeed the ageing and ailing president, who turns 92 on February 21 2016.

Moyo said on Twitter Monday that the Herald, which he claims is being abused by Charamba, will be on the agenda of the politburo meeting.

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