Government Queries $6 Million Zifa Debt

Now Daily

The government has ordered the new Zifa board to investigate the amount owed to creditors amid fears that the figure of $6 million given may be overstated to benefit corrupt officials, it emerged.

Minister for sport Makhosini Hlongwane confirmed the development.

“ZIFA debt was reported to be in the region of US$6 million. The accuracy of this figure is however doubtful. It is also not clear whether all creditors were correctly noted, as some might have been paid in the whole or in part, while others might not have been included,” Hlongwane told parliament.

“It is for this reason therefore, that my Ministry urged ZIFA and they agreed to conduct a forensic audit of their creditors to come up with an accurate position on this matter. Therefore, my Ministry cannot state with certainty, how many and how much coaches are owed by ZIFA as a result of this background. An attempt to do so, given the situation highlighted may in fact be misleading.” Questions have arisen over the Zifa debt after it emerged that former chairman Cuthbert Dube and companies associated with him were claiming millions, saying they lent money to the football controlling body. Hlongwane said Zifa should now put its financial house in order after the state bailed it out over a damaging $61 000 debt owed former coach Joe Claudinei Gorgini (Valinhos) in unpaid salaries dating back to 2007. The state was forced to pay $83 000, including Valinhos’ legal costs, but Zimbabwe had already been kicked out of the 2018 Fifa World Cup because of the debt. A new Zifa executive was elected on December 5 2015 to replace the discredited one led by Dube. The new executive comprises the following:  Philip Chiyangwa –President, Omega Sibanda -Vice President, Piraishe Mabena -Board member Finance and Administration, Edzai Kasinauyo -Board member Development, Felton Kamambo -Board member. Two more members were to be co-opted to the board from the Premier Soccer League and Women Football.

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