Scandal Senator’s Daughter (15) Expelled for Thuggery

Now Daily

The daughter of a Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) official caught up in a web of adultery and political violence scandals has been expelled from boarding school for gangsterism and anti-social behaviour, Now Daily has learnt.

Marina Timveos (15), the daughter of MDC-T domestic affairs national secretary Lilian Mpofu Timveos and Cypriot shopkeeper Michael Timveos was removed from boarding school at the elite Arundel school in Mount Pleasant, Harare after clashing with teachers. She is now a day scholar.

The Midlands proportional representation senator confirmed the expulsion, saying her daughter had refused to perform basic chores at the school, including ironing her own uniforms, which put her at loggerheads with teachers.

Other sources however said the girl had displayed a violent temper, anti-social behaviour and proved she could not live with other kids.

In a written statement to her teachers, Marina Timveos confirmed that she once operated a gang at the school but claimed this was after being bullied. She was pardoned and allowed to stay on at the school on condition she commuted from home.

According to a maid, the girl was intelligent and hardworking but her character might have been deformed by “daily beatings” and tantrums from her mother. The maid said the senator was always away from her children, ‘too busy’ doing MDC-T political work and often drunk when she was at home.

The maid also said the senator often brought her friends who were thugs and prostitutes home and this set a bad example for her children.

“The senator does not give her children the attention they deserve, leaving them to get life lessons from the television and from maids. She then tries to make up for it by showering them with gifts. Presents cannot take the place of a mother’s love,” said another source.

A maid said the senator beat Marina regularly, reminding her that she had paid a “lot of money, $5 000” to send her to Arundel.

Others said the girl had inherited her mother and father’s violent traits. Senator Mpofu Timveos is the leader of several MDC-T militias, including the infamous Chesuma gang based in her Zvishavane home town and ‘Boko Haram’, which operates countrywide. The gangs have committed numerous atrocities around Zimbabwe, including murder.

The girl’s father has been convicted and fined for violence. According to a security guard and caretaker at the Timveos home, two murders have taken place on family property. In one case, the victim was knifed to death and in the other, an axe was used, said the guard, who gave his name as Dube.

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