Mujaji Bashes Cheating Girlfriend, Pistorius-Style

Now Daily Exclusive!

Two-time Commonwealth and Paralympic gold medallist Elliot Mujaji has brutally assaulted his live in lover, causing her to lose a tooth and suffer head and neck injuries, Now Daily has learnt.

The attack happened after Mujaji stumbled upon WhatsApp messages from a rival lover inviting his girlfriend Fatuma Phiri to a rendezvous. Mujaji is said to have been enraged by the messages and started beating Phiri inside her tuck shop, in front of onlookers.

“Phiri was beaten black and blue. She had to go to the government hospital to have her tooth removed after it became loose during the attack. The incident happened in broad daylight and many people saw it. It was very embarrassing,” said a witness.

The incident was not reported to the police as that would have led to the former star athlete’s arrest. Mujaji is a friend of disgraced South African ‘blade runner’ Oscar Pistorious who murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp after he found out she was cheating on him and she threatened to expose his drug habit. Apparently, Mujaji, a coach in the Zimbabwe paralympic team patronised by president Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe, is being blackmailed by Phiri over his illegal use of marijuana and other banned substances.

A staunch Zanu PF supporter, Mujaji has virtually abandoned his wife of more than a decade for the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) councillor Phiri, Now Daily established.

Phiri has previously been assaulted by Mujaji for cheating, it emerged.

“I had to rush to Fatuma’s house to rescue her after she phoned me for help at night. I found Mujaji dragging her by the dreadlocks and kicking her while she was on the floor,” said another source.

Apparently, Phiri, an unmarried mother of a teenage daughter, has tried to end the affair but Mujaji refused to go, claiming that the high class hooker had blown up the money he earned while a star. Witnesses said he had bought her furniture, lavished her with gifts and helped send her child to an elite school while still earning big money.

“Baba vaya vanochengera/(Mujaji is very jealous),” Phiri told a friend. She confirmed that she had found another man who gave her ‘airtime’ (slang for money) but the affair was repeatedly disrupted by Mujaji. “Mujaji is always following me.”

Phiri’s relatives and friends have also tried to intervene, telling him to go back to his house if he has no more money, but he refused.

Phiri has come under fire allegedly for abusing her powers to obtain a stand and build a tuck shop for the jobless Mujaji, who has fallen on hard times after his employers, Shabanie Mashava Mine closed down and the hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned during his heyday ran out. Mujaji has since sold his houses and cars and at one time turned into a ‘gweja’, an illegal gold hunter.

MDC-T supporters recently ejected Phiri from a party flower project accusing Mujaji, who frequented the place, of spying on them. Phiri’s adulterous affair with Mujaji has outraged fellow party members.

Mujaji was once invited by Mugabe for a holiday in Malaysia along with his wife, whom he has now totally abandoned. Anglican Church members said they were planning a prayer vigil at Phiri’s house, where Mujaji now regularly lives. The women said they were going to pray all night outside the house to force Phiri to let go of the husband of their fellow church member.

The MDC-T has been rocked by numerous sex scandals, with party president Tsvangirai at one time publicly apologising for his own womanizing, which cost him vital support ahead of the 2013 elections, which he eventually lost to Mugabe.

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