Mudenda Blasts ‘Ignorant’ MP John Holder

Now Daily

Member of parliament John Holder has been castigated for ignorance by speaker of the national assembly Jacob Mudenda.

Holder had interjected during Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele’s debate on president Robert Mugabe’s speech at the opening of parliament in 2015.

Apparently, Holder – a die-hard pro-Mugabe militant – had been stung by Ndebele’s exposure of corruption in government and the ignorance of ministers who were supposed to end it.

Said Holder: “On a point of order Mr. Speaker. Hon. Ndebele, I do not even know what he is talking about or which speech he is debating. I am lost. I need him to guide us. Which debate is he debating on.”

The interruption did not go down well with Mudenda, who gave a lecture to the MPs about how to do their job.

“Order, order. What Hon. Ndebele is saying is factual,” Mudenda said. “You must read the Auditor-General’s report. I mentioned when we were at the Victoria Falls Pre-budget Seminar that we as Parliament must analyse the Auditor-General’s reports. It does not reflect well in terms of the financial house keeping in our various ministries and measures are being taken to address what is contained in these reports. We cannot sweep under the carpet things that are not right. May I urge members of this august House to read the Auditor-General’s reports very carefully. They are put in your pigeon holes. Please read them so that we can take corrective action.”

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