Grace Mugabe Forces Traders to Buy Her Yoghurt

Now Daily

Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe has come under a firestorm of criticism after ordering major retailers to sell her yoghurt in their shops.

Alpha and Omega Dairy yoghurt and related dairy products are facing resistance from traders after consumers launched a boycott of Grace Mugabe’s businesses following Mugabe’s blatant rigging of the 2013 election to retain power and extend his three decades of misrule. Alpha and Omega is the trade name of the Mugabes’ Gushungo Dairy Estate, located at Iron Mask farm, which was seized violently and without compensation from its previous white owners.

“We just found Grace Mugabe’s workers waiting at the door with their yoghurt. They didn’t ask us if we wanted to buy the yoghurt. They simply asked us which fridge they should put it in and they started loading it. We had no choice but to take the yoghurt,” said the spokesman for a chain retailer in Harare.

The retailer said they could not move most of the yoghurt and Mrs Mugabe collected it after a few weeks.

Some retailers complained that they were being forced to pay for Grace Mugabe’s dairy products which they could not sell, leading to heavy losses.

Swiss manufacturer Nestle was threatened with expulsion from Zimbabwe after they rejected milk from Mugabe’s farm following protests. Human rights activists vowed to boycott Nestle products if the company continued to use Mugabe’s ‘blood milk’.

Meanwhile, Mugabe has accused workers at Gushungo Dairy of being ‘thieves’ after several of them were caught making off with buckets of milk. The workers accused Grace Mugabe of not paying them for years.

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