Gresham School Money Stolen

School Funds Stolen
Now Daily
Gresham government primary school development committee chairman, Brian Ngonidzashe Magwizi, has been questioned by the police after nearly $3 000 vanished from the school development committee (SDC) bank account which he controlled.
Magwizi, a bread salesman at Echo bakery, and several other school committee members were summoned by detectives at Zvishavane police station to answer the charges after the school’s headmistress discovered that the money was missing. This was during a handover of books after the government ordered all school development committees to surrender financial affairs to headmasters due to increasing corruption.
Magwizi and the others are said to have conveniently implicated committee treasurer, Richard Sesman Banda, who was said to be outside the country when the theft was discovered. Parents, however, rejected the explanation.
“The reason we elected so many committee members who are getting allowances was to stop this kind of thing happening,” said one disgruntled parent. “They should go together to the bank to withdraw school funds to avoid a situation like this one, where they now all blame a missing person, yet they all signed the withdrawal forms. The whole committee is guilty and should go.”
Banda’s wife was detained overnight and severely harassed after she told the police her husband had gone to Cape Town, South Africa to look for a job.
School committee vice chairman Peter Mudzviti blamed Magwizi for flouting regulations and apologized to parents for the theft. Another committee member said she had been harassed and threatened with jail and beatings by the police.
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