Grace Mugabe Ordered Love Rival’s Legs Broken

Now Daily Exclusive
President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe hired thugs to attack a woman who was allegedly dating the dictator before she married him, resulting in the woman suffering severe injuries, it can be revealed.
The ‘other woman’, identified as Peggy, and also employed in Mugabe’s office, had her legs broken by thugs allegedly hired by Grace Mugabe.
The incident happened before Mugabe married his then private secretary, who used her maiden name Grace Marufu although she was already married to Air Force officer Stanley Goreraza. Mugabe was carrying on the adulterous affairs with both Peggy and Grace Marufu as his wife Sally Hyfron Mugabe lay dying from a kidney ailment at St Annes hospital in Harare, Now Daily was told.
“Mugabe would drive himself incognito in an old Alfa Romeo to St Annes hospital to see his wife because he didn’t want attention to be drawn to her illness. Jongwe (Mugabe’s nickname) would then go to Trafalgar Court to see Peggy and get some solace from his problems since he did not have anyone to care for him at home,” said a source, a close friend of Peggy, who is the daughter of a former cabinet minister.
According to sources, Peggy was a single woman who stood a better chance of being married by Mugabe while Grace’s affair with him faced stiff opposition from the Zanu PF politburo on the grounds that she was married and a bloodbath would ensue, which is what happened. Grace intervened to end the affair, which happened while the president’s first wife was ailing from a kidney illness.
“The president used to drive himself to Peggy’s flat in an old Alfa Romeo to avoid being seen or being sold out to Sally by his bodyguards. He would be heavily disguised,” said Peggy’s friend.
The friend said Peggy was staying at the municipal flat in central Harare when the president visited.
“After the thugs broke her legs, Peggy was in very bad shape. The president sent her to the United States for treatment and that was the end of the affair. Mugabe then married Grace Marufu,” the former minister’s daughter told Now Daily.
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