Mugabe Hides Brother’s Murder Report

Now Daily

Mystery still surrounds the death of president Robert Mugabe’s brother, Albert Mugabe, amid speculation that the dictator ordered him killed after he allegedly made his wife Sally Hayfron Mugabe pregnant.

Albert Mugabe was known to be having an affair with Sally Hayfron Mugabe as his brother spent 10 years in a Rhodesian jail for nationalist activism. The then prime minister’s wife allegedly was made pregnant by his brother and was forced to have an abortion.

The government has not released the inquest report into his death, more than 30 years after Albert Mugabe was found lying in a swimming pool at his Mabelreign, Harare home. Albert Mugabe was found fully dressed, fuelling speculation that he might have been killed or committed suicide by drowning himself.

Mugabe rarely mentions Albert Mugabe at family events, although he publicly reminisces about his other late brother Michael. Mugabe has been accused of neglecting Albert’s children, one of whom died recently after being forced to join the army, where she reportedly suffered abuse at the hands of male instructors and colleagues.

Albert Mugabe was the first secretary-general of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, a position later taken over and abused by Movement for Democratic Change leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

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