Mugabe Fitted with Metal Brace

Now Daily

President Robert Mugabe has been fitted with a metal brace on his back to keep him from slumping forward when walking or sitting, Now Daily has learnt.

Speculation was rife recently that Mugabe had died with some claiming he had collapsed but this has since been disputed.

“He’s alive. But he’s not well and fine like Charamba is paid to make us believe,” said Zimbabweans for Prosperity (ZFP), a whistle blower website and apparent drop box for intelligence operatives. “All one has to do is to watch him as he walks and you will see not only gait change, but expressions of pain and great difficulty on his face which appear to be reflexive body language reactions. Mugabe also wears a back brace to straighten and hide the stooping posture imposed by nature at that age.”

ZFP said Mugabe’s health was a “closely guarded secret to prevent calls for him to step down”.

“He now requires the hand of his wife for balance like a two year-old and talk of a wheelchair by his wife suggests he will completely be unable to walk soon,” ZFP said.

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