Grace Mugabe Blocks Son’s Marriage, Clashes With Chiwenga’s Wife

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First lady Grace Mugabe has barred her son Russell Goreraza from marrying the love of his life, a woman he made pregnant, leading to the birth of a son, it emerged.

Russell Goreraza stayed briefly with the woman when she was pregnant, but later abandoned her allegedly after his mother told him that her family was not rich enough to marry into the first family.

Goreraza bailed out of his family home in Mandara and moved into a flat which he shared with his friends. The flat was barely furnished, with only a refrigerator stocked with alcohol and a bed, leading some to speculate it was just a crash pad while the owner lived in hotels, according to a witness.

Although Grace Mugabe privately tried to convince her son to return home and put on the pretence of a ‘happy marriage’, Goreraza refused and started publicly dating other women.

There is now division in the Roman Catholic church over the issue. There is understandable consternation and confusion among the congregation at St Gerards Roman Catholic church in Borrowdale, Harare where Russell Goreraza, Grace Mugabe’s son from a previous marriage to air force officer Stanley Goreraza was expected to tie the knot with a member of the congregation. The marriage has been cancelled amid recriminations.

Typical of Zimbabwean high society, the dispute is being fuelled and resolved along Zanu PF factional lines. Defence forces commander Constantine Chiwenga’s wife Mary Mubaiwa, a neighbour of the Mugabes in Borrowdale Brooke, has jumped to the defence of Russel Goreraza’s aggrieved would be ‘mother-in-law’ and to denigrate Grace Mugabe.

Sources said Grace Mugabe disapproved of the affair from the start, allowing Russell Goreraza to move out of the family home.

Apparently, marrying into the Mugabe family requires big pockets. Bona Mugabe, the president’s daughter, was only allowed to marry her husband Simba Chikore after he lied to the family and the media that he was a pilot at Emirates Airlines, a claim later denied by the prestigious airline, and after reverend Guti put in a word for him.

Many are watching to see which bride will take Grace Mugabe’s expensive fancy. Russell Goreraza is her only son with the former air force officer, who has been turned into a diplomat to keep him out of Zimbabwe and out of the affairs of his son, who has been adopted by Mugabe and made manager of his Gushungo dairy farm. Sources said Stanley Goreraza wanted his son to stay married but could not withstand pressure from Grace Mugabe for him to find a richer bride.

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