Dead or Alive, Mugabe Must Fall

Now Daily Analysis

So, the regime managed to recycle its annual rumour that the dictator is dead, giving its spokesman the opportunity to ‘deny’ it and declare that the walking dead is ‘fit as a fiddle’! Well, we’ve had this one before and we are not impressed by George Charamba and his handlers at the CIO’s lack of creativity.

Whether Mugabe is dead or not is not the issue. We, the people demand that he leaves state power because he has dismally failed to run the country, to put food on the table as required by the constitution. The economy is in a shambles, the nation is hopelessly and dangerously divided because of his idiotic dynastic, factional and tribal politics. We are now a pariah state without a national currency, our hopes shattered, our national pride battered by having to beg the Americans for us to use their better-managed currency. Our country has become the world’s most notorious lootocracy, where cops rob us in broad daylight, parliament makes unjust laws, justice is perverted, judges take bribes from criminals and freedom is a pipedream.

Mugabe has failed to inspire the confidence of the rest of the world about his ability to get us out of the rut where he plunged us through his reckless policies anchored on corruption, murder and blatant misrule. Zimbabwe is so isolated we cannot even do normal business with our neighbours through his stupid labelling. And this dictator wants us to feel special by being sanctioned, being down and out in a world where cooperation is more progressive than war-mongering.

We need Zimbabwe in more capable, democratically elected hands. Mugabe must go and take his goon squad with him.

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