Tsvangirai Girlfriend Gets Facebook Rebuff

Now Daily
United States social networking site Facebook has rejected a demand by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) official Lilian Mpofu Timveos to delete posts alleging that she had sex with party leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Now Daily has learnt.
It is more than a year since Mpofu Timveos wrote to Facebook demanding that articles and photographs published on the Radio Chokwadi Facebook page be removed with apologies being posted instead. Facebook has not responded to the claim.
Radio Chokwadi was established by senior MDC-T officials to expose Tsvangirai’s sex, corruption and political scandals. On March 9, 2014, the site started running a series of articles alleging that Tsvangirai had committed adultery several times with Mpofu Timveos at various locations, including at Harare lodges. One of the posts featured a photograph of Tsvangirai and Mpofu Timveos leaving a Harare lodge in matching grey suits. The photo was captioned: “Another marriage in the making?”
Radio Chokwadi accused Tsvangirai of having sex with Mpofu Timveos and numerous party officials and gave him the nickname ‘Gumbura’ after Robert Martin Gumbura, the jailed Harare clergyman who raped his followers.
Mpofu Timveos at one time threatened violence against MDC-T officials she accused of generating the posts and to sue Facebook. She also complained to former US embassy political officer Eric Little, who reportedly told her he had spoken to the ‘other faction leader’, meaning rebel former MDC-T secretary-general Tendai Biti, accused of being behind Radio Chokwadi. She was told that there was nothing the American government could do as Facebook was a private company.
Tsvangirai has since ordered Mpofu Timveos to stop harassing those she suspected of leaking the details of their alleged romance. Tsvangirai sent his hatchet man, one Masimba, to Mpofu Timveos’s Meikles hotel room, where he scolded her for ‘over-reacting’ and fuelling the flames by confronting and threatening her perceived enemies. Radio Chokwadi countered by offering to publish more damaging pictures, video and audio recordings as well as witness statements confirming the Tsvangirai/Mpofu Timveos sex scandal.
Persistent claims are that Mpofu Timveos is a Central Intelligence Organization mole who has used sex to get close to Tsvangirai and other senior party officials. Tsvangirai mysteriously smuggled her into the party’s national executive through the back door as secretary for home affairs after she lost party elections and despite her lack of education or experience in that field.
Tsvangirai was slammed by fellow party officials for diverting party funds to pay off girlfriends and cover his tracks. Tsvangirai’s ex-girlfriend Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo received a hefty $390 000 for her silence while others received differing amounts or jobs as MPs and party workers.
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