Sex Scandal Diplomat Gets Massive Payoff

Now Daily Exclusive!
The bankrupt Zimbabwean government, which is struggling to pay civil servants regular salaries, has awarded $345 000 to a diplomat who was deported from Iran after being caught blowing government money on prostitutes and drugs, it emerged.
The diplomat, who was seconded to the foreign ministry by the Central Intelligence Organisation, was deputy head of mission and acting ambassador to Iran. He was found naked in a hotel room in Tehran having a sex orgy with three prostitutes he later claimed drugged him and stole thousands of dollars of government money he was carrying, as well as his passport and government documents.
The strict Islamic country ordered him deported immediately after being caught. However, the spy sued the government, claiming he had been recalled and fired by the ministry of foreign affairs, in which he was disguised as a ‘diplomat’, without following procedures.
“The dismissal was triggered by an ex-member of staff who violated the host country’s regulations,” a government report on the incident said. “The ministry had no option but to recall the officer. However, it resulted in the Ministry being fined $344 313 as damages in favour of the ex-member of staff.”
The report on the foreign ministry said at another mission, three local workers were retrenched without following procedures, resulting in them being awarded undisclosed damages.
The auditor-general queried the payoffs, which were a huge chunk of the foreign ministry’s 2014 salary budget of $1 600 000.
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