Mnangagwa Lover Flees to Magaya

Now Daily
Vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa’s long-time mistress, deputy tourism minister Annastacia Ndhlovu has approached Prophetic Healing and Deliverance leader Walter Magaya begging for help to get a husband, sources confirmed.
Ndhlovu, a proportional representation member of parliament and Central Intelligence Organization operative allegedly has two children with Mnangagwa. She has become notorious for dating younger men in Harare. Friends said she was searching for a husband without success.
“Annastacia approached Magaya because she believes she has bad luck, which is why no man wants to marry her,” said a friend. “She could not get much help because Magaya wanted her to confess the things that she has done but she could not do so.”
Ndhlovu ordered bands of youths to commit atrocities, including murder, while campaigning for the Shurugwi South parliamentary seat, which she held for a term before being defeated by Tapiwa Matangaidze.
Ndhlovu has two children with Mnangagwa but has decided to find another man to marry her, alleging that the vice president had “eight wives” and had not stopped getting more, sources close to her said.
CIO assassins, known as ‘ninjas’, have been making a beeline to self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ Magaya seeking ‘deliverance and healing’ after many of them developed psychological problems arising from the killings they committed or participated in, it emerged.
Sources confirmed that Magaya was swamped by spooks and Zanu PF militiamen and women who had committed murder and other heinous crimes. Many of the contract killers believe their operations are affecting their lives and giving them ‘bad luck’.
Among the people to flock to Magaya are cabinet ministers Ignatius Chombo, Walter Mzembi and Jason Machaya. Chombo and Mzembi led very violent election campaigns while Machaya agreed to pay 38 herd of cattle after his son brutally murdered an MDC activist in Gokwe.
Ndhlovu is said to have told Magaya that she could not find a man willing to marry her despite the wealth and fame she has acquired through Zanu PF’s patronage system. Ndhlovu led a brutal campaign in Shurugwi South, where she was MP for one term before being elbowed aside by another operative, Tapiwa Matangaidze. Ndhlovu only returned to the House of Assembly as a proportional representation MP.
“Magaya told Annastacia that he could only help her if she confessed to the killings she had ordered or taken part in. Annastacia Ndhlovu could not confess and therefore did not get much help. However, she has encouraged others to go and get help from Magaya,” said another operative.
Another MP and known hired gun was pictured without shoes and collapsing on the prayer line after being prayed for by Magaya, but this apparently has failed to help her. She recently told Now Daily that she was desperate to see Magaya again, possibly to confess.
Intelligence operatives are banned from revealing details of operational hits and may be killed if they let out secrets. But the poorly-run CIO has developed problems on how to handle its operatives who participated in the so-called ‘wet operations’, meaning the murder of targets. Former legal section head Collin Chingura is perhaps the most famous burnt out case. Chingura, a University of Zimbabwe-trained lawyer is languishing in poverty triggered by psychological problems after the CIO failed to secure treatment for him following the murder of Rashiwe Guzha in which he allegedly took part. Chingura’s late mother said she had taken him to traditional healers but this has not helped, it emerged.
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