Grace Mugabe’s Ex-Husband Goreraza Refuses to Surrender Marriage Certificate

Now Daily Exclusive!
President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace Mugabe is still legally ‘married’ to former Air Force officer Stanley Goreraza after she failed to effect a divorce through normal processes at the High Court, Now Daily can exclusively reveal.
Apparently, Goreraza refused to surrender the marriage certificate, insisting that Grace Mugabe, previously known by her maiden name Grace Marufu, was still his wife, even though she had committed adultery with the president.
Checks at the High Court revealed that there was no record of the divorce. No divorce application was ever filed by either party and the matter was never slated on the court roll, it emerged.
According to sources, the former Air Force wing commander had tried to go public with his story, but a private newspaper which was about to publish it was seized from the printers by Mugabe’s agents some years ago. The relatives said Goreraza continued to be victimized over the issue and there were suspicions that he had once been poisoned.
Goreraza has been shuffled from one diplomatic posting to another to keep him out of Zimbabwe and was reportedly set up with a woman who reports his activities regularly to the Central Intelligence Organization, it emerged. He was military attaché to the United States and China before his current posting to India.
Mugabe and Grace visited Goreraza at a Beijing hospital after he fell seriously ill a few years ago and some claimed he had been murdered.
Records of Grace Mugabe’s change of name have also not been filed publicly as required by law. Known derisively as ‘Gucci’ Grace because of her love for Italian designer shoes and ‘Dis-Grace’ for her foul mouth, she does not seem to have given up the Marufu name, which has turned up on European databases, where she is prevented from doing business.
Grace Mugabe was married to Goreraza and had a son, Russell Goreraza, who now manages the Mugabes’ extensive business empire, Gushungo Holdings, which spans farming, retail, mining, property, transport and logistics.
Grace Mugabe fell into scandal when she started having an affair with Mugabe while she was a switchboard operator at State House and while his wife Sally Hayfron Mugabe was alive.
Mugabe promoted Grace and made her his private secretary to make it easier to travel abroad and have sex with her, even though she did not have qualifications at the time. The adultery resulted in two children, Bona Mugabe and Robert Mugabe Junior, who were conceived while Sally Mugabe was dying of a kidney ailment.
Goreraza refused to let go of his wife officially, sources said. In 1996, however, Grace Mugabe sought to have her marriage to Goreraza nullified on the grounds that it had irretrievably broken down and they had been living separately for some time. However, Goreraza stood his ground and insisted on a public High Court process to prove his wife’s adultery and have that recorded as the main reason for the divorce, to avoid future claims from Grace, relatives said. The formal process was abandoned to avoid public scandal as the matter had attracted widespread public interest and international media attention.
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