Zim Women Like it With Multiple Partners and No Condoms: Survey

Now Daily
Despite million-dollar awareness campaigns, a large number of Zimbabweans continue having sex with many partners without using condoms, fuelling AIDS, a government survey has found.
Of the women polled, 74 percent had had sex in the previous twelve months, but less than half used condoms, the survey found.
“Of the women who had multiple sexual partners, 49.1 percent reported using a condom when they had sex the last time,” said the report dubbed Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey conducted by Zimstat with United Nations, European Union and United States government support.
More men than women used condoms during sex, according to the survey. Experts say women are at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating the use of protection during sexual intercourse. The female condom, originally designed to be inserted discreetly by women in the vagina before sex, has failed to take off after women complained that it was too cumbersome and smelled bad.
On the whole, women were better informed about the causes of AIDS and more females than males got tested. Over a lifetime, men had sex with more partners than women, according to the survey.
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