Tsvangirai Barred From Marrying Elizabeth Macheka

Now Daily
Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai is still living with Elizabeth Macheka as his concubine or ‘customary law wife’ after legal blunders prevented the couple from getting an all-inclusive Chapter 5 union, it emerged.
Macheka and her family are pushing Tsvangirai to sort out the messy fallout from his previous ‘marriage’ to Central Intelligence Organization operative and cocaine dealer Locardia Karimatsenga Tembo.
“Elizabeth and her relatives want the marriage to be formalized immediately through a Chapter 5 union which includes joint property ownership,” said a family member. “Attempts by Elizabeth to leave Tsvangirai failed after she realized that being a ‘customary law wife’ she would go with nothing if she initiated the divorce. Otherwise she’s fed up of his womanizing and also frustrated because his relatives are blaming her for not having children with him.”
Tsvangirai’s attempts to have a ‘white wedding’ with Macheka flopped in 2013 after Karimatsenga Tembo declared herself his ‘real’ wife. Another lover also demanded to be married at the same time and splashed details of their sexual escapades on a yacht named ‘Legend of the Sea’. Tsvangirai paid the CIO operative nearly half a million dollars of MDC-T funds but Karimatsenga Tembo has refused to clear the way for him to have a Chapter 5 union with Macheka.
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