Sex Scandal Senator a Serial Two-Timer

Now Daily Investigation
Disgraced Movement for Democratic Change senator Lilian Mpofu Timveos is a notorious two-timer who deserted her first husband to marry their landlord, Now Daily can reveal.
Mpofu Timveos fell into scandal recently after her sex chats and plans for a ‘secret marriage’ to a married Nigerian 419 fraudster were exposed.
Apparently, Mpofu Timveos was made pregnant at 18, soon after leaving Vainona High School in Harare, and started living with her boyfriend, one Mac Adams. Mpofu Timveos had a daughter with Adams, Tiffany Adams, who is now in her 20s and lives with relatives in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Adams was a gweja, an illegal gold hunter. When he fell on hard times and could not pay the rent on time, the landlord, Costas Timveos’s son Michael offered his ‘wife’ a job popping corn at the family supermarket. Later she became a teller and an affair blossomed with Michael Timveos.
Michael Timveos’s family disapproved of the affair from the start. Costas Timveos was a Cypriot-Greek die-hard Rhodesian white supremacist and racist carpenter who had been convicted and jailed for calling black people ‘kaffirs’ after independence. (‘Kaffir’ is the Rhodesian equivalent of the derogatory American term, ‘nigger’). Costas Timveos was infamous for regularly leading the white supremacist march on November 11, Rhodesian ‘independence day’. The march always ended in blacks being lynched. White supremacists still gather annually at the Timveos home for ‘all-white’ parties.
When it emerged that Michael Timveos was going out with a ‘married kaffir’, the family was outraged. They tried to avert scandal by sending him to Cyprus to look for a young Greek woman to marry, according to his mother. However, Michael Timveos blew up the money on alcohol, women and gambling and never brought back a white Greek bride as expected.
Eventually, Lilian Mpofu fell pregnant and Michael Timveos was forced to marry her against his family’s wishes. Adams had no choice but to relent and let the richer landlord’s son take his wife and child.
Mpofu Timveos admits being naughty from her youth. At 15, she told Now Daily, she jumped out through a window to go to the seedy Queens nightclub to watch the raunchy Amayenge band from Zambia. A string of very public affairs followed after she got married, according to sources.
Footballer Clarkson ‘Chicken’ Dzimbiri bragged in bars that she gave him money after he had sex with her in lodges. Friends of the senator, employees and her business associates gave us an insight into her world of wild parties and unrestricted sex. They gave us a whole list of men she allegedly dated. (Members and subscribers can read the full story and see list using the code A 113.)
Michael Timveos’s sister Thekla Timveos tried to intervene out of sympathy for her brother.
“Thekla would always shout at Michael for marrying a ‘whore’,” said an employee. “They would quarrel over it for a long time. Sometimes Michael would get angry and try to beat up his sister. Their mother would intervene and end the fighting. I wonder what will happen after the old woman dies.”
Mpofu Timveos confirmed that she often fought with Thekla Timveos and they were sworn enemies. Thekla Timveos said she did not trust her sister-in-law.
Mpofu Timveos’s close associates, friends, family and employees talked of a past of unrestrained libidos, only governed now by the limitations and scrutiny of public office coupled with illness. Details of her alleged adultery affairs, disguised as business or MDC-T party relations are emerging.
“Lilian Timveos sells pussy. She sells tomatoes, so to speak. All these meetings and party activities are just to cover up her fornication,” said her close friend, requesting anonymity.
The sources say she has recently become notorious for going out with younger men, often disguised as aides or party members, but sometimes picked randomly from the streets, including taxi drivers.
“People say I am going out with younger men,” Mpofu Timveos confirmed in a Meikles hotel room where she was lounging with her ex-lover Patson Murimoga. Murimoga spilled the beans about her ‘adultery’ after he was abused and threatened by her husband’s aides. He then went for a public HIV test and showed friends the ‘negative’ results to spite her.
Mpofu Timveos has been open about her HIV positive status. Out of sympathy, fellow senators appointed her chairperson of parliament’s thematic committee on HIV/AIDS where her vocal calls for legalization of prostitution and homosexuality have riled many Zimbabweans, including the prostitutes themselves.
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