Tsvangirai Splits From Wife, Again!

Now Daily
Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) president Morgan Tsvangirai’s relations with his wife Elizabeth Macheka have soured again amid reports she had sex with other men, sources revealed.
“Tsvangirai and his wife have split again and this time it could be the end of the marriage,” said a party source. “They appear together in public, at rallies and meetings, but they live in different worlds. Elizabeth can just come go as she pleases. She justifies her actions by claiming that Tsvangirai cannot have an erection when she wants to have sex with him.”
A relative said Macheka was unhappy in the marriage. She infuriated Tsvangirai when she refused to live with his two children, who have now been sent to live outside the country. She has also confronted him over his sexual affairs with other women, including MDC-T party officials, some of them married.
Macheka told the media that her husband suffers from ‘erectile dysfunction’, meaning his penis cannot harden as expected during sex. She blamed relatives of his late wife Susan Mhundwa for allegedly using juju to ensure he did not have an erection during sex with her. Tsvangirai rejected an offer from the Mhundwas to marry Susan’s sister as demanded by tradition.
Sources close to Elizabeth said her problem seemed to be that she had hang-ups about her ex-husband. The ex-husband once confronted Tsvangirai at a Harare hotel and the MDC-T leader gave him $30 000 after he threatened to cause a scene.
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