Mugabe Must Resign Now

Now Daily Editorial
Robert Mugabe and the nation have reached a tragic point of no return. It now seems only logical that the president will have to give up his office. He has irredeemably lost his moral authority, the confidence of most of the country and therefore his ability to govern effectively.
The nightmare of uncertainty endured by Zimbabweans daily must be ended. A fresh start must be made. Some at home and abroad might see in the president’s resignation a sign of Zimbabwean weakness and failure. It would be a sign of the very opposite. It would show strength and health. It would show the ability of a badly infected political system to cleanse itself. It would show the true power of popular government under law in Zimbabwe. Above all, it would send a clear message to investors – both local and foreign – that the country is worth giving another chance.
The recent gaffe in which Mugabe read the ‘wrong’ speech in parliament is a symptom of a much bigger problem. The bare fact is that at nearly 92 years of age, the Zimbabwean leader has lost control of his faculties, which is to be expected of people of that advanced age. Those around him, like vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa, are tired of propping him up, so they let him bungle for the world to see his deteriorating state of mental and physical health.
For relatives like Patrick Zhuwao, cronies and friends of the president, his continued stay in office means more looting of state resources, more jobs for the boys and impunity for past crimes. For the inept and deeply divided opposition and its playboy leader Morgan Tsvangirai, Mugabe’s continued stay in office is acceptable as it seems to present a weaker challenge at the next elections scheduled for 2018.
None of the politicians is calling for the retirement of the senile, half-blind leader before 2018 or even 2023 if he ‘wins’ the forthcoming vote.
Despite all the evidence that Mugabe has failed to lead and has turned the country once again into a sinkhole, his advisers would rather let him rattle along while they feast on the state treasury. All the gains from the five-year government of national unity have been eroded under a heavy load of corruption, mismanagement and sheer avarice by top officials.
Recently, it dawned on Mugabe that with little to take from state coffers, his aides are now tearing apart the milk farm and yoghurt factory in Mazowe that he seized without compensation from a white farmer and likes to show off to foreign dignitaries as a sign of his wife Grace’s great business acumen.
End of part 1. To be continued.
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