Roman Catholic Priest Impregnates Congregant Then Flees

Now Daily

A Roman Catholic priest has allegedly fled Zimbabwe amid claims that he made a member of the congregation in Harare pregnant.

The case has opened a can of worms on the conduct of supposedly celibate priests in the country who are secretly conducting sexual affairs. Several others have been named in the worst sex scandal since three pregnant nuns were expelled from the church a few years ago.

The errant priest is said to have left the country in shame and will undergo a four-year church ‘rehabilitation’ programme disguised as training, sources within the church told Now Daily.

The woman has been dumped. The sources said she had been victimized and ordered not to speak about her ordeal as that would put the secretive church hit by other worldwide sex scandals into further disrepute.

The Roman Catholic church, whose priests, nuns and other workers are sworn to sexual abstinence, has been hit by a global wave of sex scandals, with allegations recently that an Italian man had been sodomized by 12 priests while he was an altar boy. The church has also received numerous reports of women who were sexually abused by priests in the United States and elsewhere when they were young. Successive pontiffs have failed to act on the allegations although Pope Francis is reputed to have taken the lead in bringing the matter to light and taking action against the culprits as followers abandon the centuries-old movement which is losing ground to Pentecostals and Muslims globally.

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