MPs Steal Millions from Govt in Fuel Scandal

Now Daily Investigation

The government has lost millions of dollars through abuse of fuel allocations by MPs who are clandestinely selling their coupons on the black market, Now Daily can exclusively reveal.

The corruption involves dozens of MPs and has been going on since the current parliament began in 2013, it emerged. This resulted in the legislators failing to do constituency work as envisaged.

An undercover Now Daily reporter witnessed the illegal transactions taking place right outside parliament building in Harare. In one incident, Movement for Democratic Change senator for Midlands province Lilian Mpofu Timveos phoned one of the ‘buyers’, who materialized almost immediately. She agreed to sell fuel coupons worth $450 for $400 and was paid in cash.

Another black marketer told Now Daily that he bought the coupons from numerous MPs and earned thousands of dollars from the racket every month.

MPs get fuel allowances worth hundreds of dollars each month. The fuel is meant to enable them to travel to parliament and within their constituencies. It emerged, however, that most MPs did not visit their constituencies or travel around them regularly as expected.

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