Another Noisy Motorcade, This Time for Chiwenga’s Wife

Now Daily

Borrowdale residents have complained about the ‘noise’ from an army motorcade that was recently put at the disposal of defence forces commander General Constantine Chiwenga’s wife, Mary Mubaiwa.

The complainants said Mubaiwa had a tendency to move around frequently and at odd hours doing shopping rounds and going to functions, rattling her Borrowdale Brooke neighbourhood.

“There are many government officials who live in this area with motorcades, including the president and the first lady, but they do not make as much noise as Mubaiwa. She takes the motorcade everywhere, including for routine shopping and this is a terrible inconvenience to the neighbours,” said a resident of this exclusive residential estate close to the Mugabes’ famous ‘blue roof’ mansion.

Mubaiwa said she needed extra protection after receiving threats of violence from Chiwenga’s divorced first wife Jocelyn Chiwenga, a virulent former Jobs nightclub waitress who has been accused of beating up her ex-husband, one of the main reasons given for her divorce from the army general.

Mubaiwa lives in a hilltop villa in the upmarket Borrowdale Brooke neighbourhood overlooking president Robert Mugabe’s famous ‘blue roof’ mansion. The Chiwenga house, where the general is said to rarely live, has been described as a ‘Christmas tree’ by one opposition official because of its extensive lighting, which is paid for by taxpayers.

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