Whatsapp Sex Scandal MP’s Marriage Breaks Down

The marriage of Lilian Mpofu Timveos, the Midlands senator whose love chats on Whatsapp with a married Ghanaian fraudster were exposed, is on the rocks, sources revealed.
Friends, associates and employees of the couple said Michael Timveos, a Cypriot-Greek Zimbabwean businessman had ‘lost interest’ in his wife, a vocal Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) politician, and married another woman.
“Mike lost interest in Lilian a long time ago because of the well-known adultery allegations against her,” said a source. “He knows everything but can’t confront her because he is trying to protect his name. Mike has married another woman who lives in Bulawayo and he is happy with her. The couple has three children and he goes there often. Michael paid lobola (traditional ‘bride price’) for her and his family is happy with the arrangement.”
Timveos confirmed having paid maintenance for a child with yet another woman but said this had been discontinued after the child was found to be not his, although he admitted having an affair with the mother. He was also implicated in a sex scandal involving a married woman, Gloria Chipadza, wife of war veteran George Chipadza, and used to ply her with groceries from the family supermarket, according to employees.
The sources said Mpofu Timveos had gone to Bulawayo to fight the other ‘wife’ when she discovered the affair but failed to end it as her own alleged ‘adultery’ was pointed out.
Mpofu Timveos’s former friend and mentor Lucia Matibenga publicly labelled the senator a ‘prostitute’, accusing her of having an affair with a named party official, much to her public annoyance.
The sources said Mpofu Timveos’s husband had taken to booze in a dangerous way, often sleeping on the couch, in a separate room from his wife, drinking whiskey while she “chatted in the bedroom with her friend”. Previously, the husband had his nose bitten off and lost front teeth in a vicious bar room brawl with a man who claimed to have bedded his wife.
The incident sparked bitter recriminations from the Timveos family, which has always treated Mpofu Timveos as an outsider because she is a black Ndebele from Zhombe, only bound to them by her three children. That bond was about to break, the sources said.
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