Methodists Refuse to Bury Rashiwe Guzha Murder Suspect’s Mother

By Charlene Madondo
Now Daily
Members of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe have refused to bury the mother of Collin Chingura, the former Central Intelligence Organisation operative widely accused of murdering former government employee Rashiwe Guzha.
The Methodists also boycotted a memorial service for Chingura’s mother, Mandundu, which was held at the Chingura family home on August 29 2015.
Mrs Chingura told a Now Daily reporter early in 2015, before she died, that she had been expelled from the Methodist church after visiting traditional healers in an attempt to have Chingura ‘cleansed’. She said he was having ‘psychological problems’ because of ‘that woman’, a reference to Guzha. Others however said his ‘mental illness’ was associated with Guzha’s disappearance and alleged murder at a CIO ‘black site’ in Goromonzi.
A Methodist church official denied accusations that the church had abandoned the family in its hour of need. She said Mrs Chingura was only expelled from the church after she caused a scene, accusing church leaders of refusing to pray for her son at the height of his “madness”.
“Mrs Chingura came to the church wrapped up in cloths she had been given by a n’anga (traditional healer). She started shouting outside the church, accusing church leaders of refusing to pray for her son. That is when she was turned away,” the church official said.
Chingura was present at his mother’s memorial, which was conducted by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zimbabwe. Chingura was dead drunk and dressed in shabby clothes. At one point, he almost came to blows with his brother over rationing of beer at the event and had to be restrained.
Rashiwe Guzha disappeared after knocking off from her Treasury Computer Bureau office job in Harare, never to be seen again. Chingura has denied killing her. He, however, admitted driving her to meet his boss, Eddison Shirihuru, the then CIO external affairs director, who was her lover, on the night she was last seen. Family sources and investigators have concluded that Shirihuru ordered the murder of Guzha in a fit of jealous rage after she double-crossed him with a government minister. However, within CIO ranks, she is accused of using her relationship with Shirihuru to spy and extract information about the organisation’s field agents stationed abroad.
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