Male Prostitutes Invade Harare

By Harry Fisher
Now Daily

Male prostitutes have invaded Harare, openly offering their ‘services’ in hotels, nightclubs, social networks and on the streets.
Known as ‘bank tellers’, the gigolos are usually well-dressed in suits, drive fancy cars and target well-heeled women desperate for sex.
“I dont understand why people think this is strange. Female prostitutes are all over the place because there is demand for their services. These young men are only doing it because there are people willing to pay,” said Sophie, a married bank worker who admitted paying a man half her age for sex.
Stan, who was found loitering on the street outside a nightclub, said it was a dangerous occupation, although many of the women he went out with paid him well.
(Members and subscribers can read full story and watch video using the code 120).
(c) Now Daily 2015!


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