Nude Photos Land Woman in Trouble

By Harriet Fisher

Now Daily

A Zimbabwean woman has landed in trouble with her husband and faces possible criminal prosecution after nude photos she sent to a boyfriend on Whatsapp were leaked.

The Harare woman, dubbed ‘Amai Gambi’ in Whatsapp groups, sent pictures of her genitals to the lover during steamy Whatsapp chats. She fled to South Africa at the weekend after the pictures were exposed and her furious husband and in-laws invaded her home threatening violence against her.

In a phone interview, Amai Gambi, whose real identity is known to Now Daily, said she was living in fear and could not return to her home due to the threats and shame.

“I gave my phone to a repair man. He claims that my Whatsapp chats were accessed by someone in his shop and were then circulated,” Amai Gambi said.

She admitted that she had a married boyfriend in South Africa, who had ended the affair in a huff after it became public.

She said her husband threatened to divorce her and report her to the authorities for purveying pornography.

(c) Now Daily 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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