Magaya’s Agents Used Fake Papers, Court Told

By Jessica Mundawarara

Now Daily

People contracted by Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya to purchase a car for him used fraudulent papers to import the vehicle, a court heard on Tuesday.

Zimra officer Simbarashe Chinyongo told the trial of Upenyu Mushangwa, accused of swindling Magaya of $116 000 in a botched car deal that he seized the Land Rover Discovery after realising that fake papers were used and that appropriate duty was not paid.

Chinyongo said only $900 was paid after Mushangwa claimed falsely that the vehicle had been bought at an auction in Zimbabwe. The Zimra officer said the car was bought in South Africa and brought into Zimbabwe through a temporary import permit.

Mushangwa has pleaded innocent. His lawyers produced a voice recording in court in which Magaya ordered one of the co-accused to frame him. This was after Mushangwa allegedly demanded the return of the vehicle after Magaya’s prophecies failed to materialize.

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