Magaya Death Probe Begins

By Charlene Madondo

Now Daily

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Walter Magaya has been summoned to appear before a Kwe Kwe magistrate to answer charges that he poorly planned a ‘prayer meeting’ in the town, resulting in a stampede that led to the death of 11 and serious injury to 43 people.

A notice from the National Prosecuting Authority to Magaya (31) said the inquest into the death of 11 year-old Tamuka Chivasa and 10 others would take place on July 15 2015 at Kwe Kwe magistrates court.

NPA has also summoned police and municipal officials involved in the saga, and a vendor police accuse of owning a gas stove they say exploded, leading to the stampede.

Video footage of the disaster shows police officers firing teargas in a vain attempt to control the crowd, leading to panic. Magaya is accused of poorly planning the event after his marshals permitted more than 30 000 people into a stadium that fits only 10 000.

Sources at Kwe Kwe municipality said there was no evidence that Magaya paid $15 000 to bring down a pre-cast wall to enlarge the stadium, as the self-styled ‘prophet’ claimed after the November 2014 tragedy.

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