Bogus Pastor Disrupts Dzamara Prayer

By Charlie Madondo
The brother of Itai Dzamara has condemned the actions of a church pastor he accuses of colluding with police to ensure a much-publicized prayer rally for the missing pro-democracy activist did not take place Sunday.
Patson Dzamara said the prayer rally was his family’s brainchild to pray only for his missing brother, contrary to claims by Watson Furayi of the ‘bogus’ Pastors’ Fellowship that the shadowy group had called for a general prayer for Zimbabwe, with 42 prayer items on the agenda.
Furayi claimed that the rally had been cancelled because the MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai and other politicians, including Simba Makoni, Dumiso Dabengwa, Didymus Mutasa and others wanted to hijack it for political reasons.
Patson Dzamara dismissed Furayi’s claims, insisting that Tsvangirai and other politicians, civic and church leaders were all invited to the meeting by his family.
“One, therefore, wonders how one Watson Furayi from the Pastors Fellowship of Zimbabwe has the nerve to inform the nation that the prayer gathering was their direct project. It boggles the mind how he then collaborated with the police to see to it that the prayer would not go ahead, but that was overturned when the judge ruled in our favour on Saturday night,” Patson Dzamara said, adding that the prayer had been postponed to a date still to be announced.
“The man who answers to the name Watson Furayi is a greedy money-hunter,” Patson Dzamara said. “He hoped that everything pertaining to the prayer was going to be his responsibility, not because of a service motivation but because of the perceived benefits. When he realized that was not to be the case, he began to do all he could to stifle the prayer gathering. Due to the fact that the prayer gathering was done through their somewhat bogus pastors’ fellowship, he took it upon himself to see to it that the prayer meeting was sabotaged. He went to the police and notified them that the prayer meeting had been hijacked by the MDC-T and so it had to be cancelled. That is ridiculous and utter nonsense. His hunger for money, just like many of his colleagues, clouded his sense of judgment and according to him, the prayer meeting had to be cancelled simply because he was not given room to enrich himself.”
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