‘Murdered’ Midzi Was About to Expose Marange Diamond Looters

By Phil Tejane|

Now Daily|

Former minister of mines Amos Midzi was about to expose senior officials of Zanu PF involved in looting diamonds in the disputed Marange fields, a source has revealed.

A senior mining industry executive quoted by The Telescope news website confirmed that Midzi had confided to him that the former minister had a dossier detailing the thefts of diamonds running into billions of dollars.

“Amos Midzi knew a lot about diamonds, since they were discovered under his watch in September 2006,” said the executive who spoke from the company’s offices in South Africa. “You could not easily corrupt him, and he was against the militarisation of the mineral. We also understand that he was holding confidential revelations from his late predecessor, Edward Chindori Chininga, on the same subject.”

Other sources said Midzi was going to filter the information to a summit of the diamond watchdog, Kimberley Process Certification System due to start in Angola on June 23. Among the people named in the dossier is president Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace.

Midzi was reported dead on Tuesday and the police immediately labelled it a suicide, even before investigations got underway. Midzi’s family was denied access to the body.

Zimbabwe has lost diamonds running into tens of billions of dollars to a smuggling syndicate that involves Grace Mugabe and elements of the Chinese Red Army. The Chinese have built a runway in the eastern Marange border district to smuggle diamonds directly to China.


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