Bounty Lisa Dashes Back to Cassanova Hubby Soul Jah Love

By Charlene Madondo|

Now Daily|

The icy tension was clearly visible as Zimdancehall chanter Bounty Lisa performed with estranged husband Soul Jah Love in a long-awaited reunion show in Kuwadzana last weekend.

Even when they tried to kiss on stage, it looked faked and they could barely hug, with Jah Love appearing high while Bounty looked distracted as fans went wild chanting, “Bounty! Bounty! Bounty”, in some cult-like reverence for the star who had been missing from her husband’s shows for some time. Sources told the media that Bounty had gone back to her parents after discovering Jah Love was cheating on her with several women. Initially, Bounty dismissed the sex scandal reports, stating on Facebook, “Ndinomuvimba!” (“I trust Jah Love”).

But she seemed to confirm the stories when she stated publicly she was not ready to have kids with the award-winning Zimdancehall star.

The wall of mistrust thickened after Jah Love allegedly fought with Zimdancehall rival Seh Calaz outside Chill Spot Records, claiming the Mabhanditi stable front man was dating his wife.

During her absence, Jah Love went wild, infamously attacking fans with a golf stick in Mutare and abandoning shows mid-way, claiming fans had insulted him. However, in Bounty’s company, he performed to the end to a packed venue. Fans posted adoring messages for the reunited couple on Facebook, urging them to stick together, but others dismissed it as a stunt to promote Bounty’s new record and Jah Love’s runaway hit Chikwambo.

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