Mnangagwa Disowns Soldiers Who Threatened Vendors

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

Vice president and justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa has declared that the soldiers who went around Harare last week threatening to kill vendors if they did not leave the city centre were acting on their own.
Speaking in Parliament Wednesday, Mnangagwa claimed falsely that no soldiers ever threatened the vendors. Television footage beamed around the shows the soldiers using loud hailers to make the threats, a fact pointed out to Mnangagwa by MDC MP Ronia Bunjira.
This is what Mnangagwa said: However, in relation to the question, the rules of the House permit us to address that issue but you have given me the floor to reply to the hon. member on the question she assumes ignorantly of course that Government has policy to use the Army or Police to evict vendors. I am not sure whether she refers to this country or to another country
[laughter] but if she refers to Zimbabwe, I am not aware of an incident where the Army has been used to evict vendors, I am not aware if that has ever happened because the question of vendors is principally an issue of the municipality or local Government authorities in any given urban set up. Only when they ask for assistance from the law and order section which is the Ministry of Home Affairs, but up to now, I am not aware of the Ministry of Home Affairs being asked to deal with a question of vendors. So, I am not so sure if she is referring to our country or some other country but the position is as I stated.
MS. BUNJIRA: Thank you Mr. Speaker, I am proud to be a Zimbabwean and an African. Furthermore, my supplementary question is
that the Vice President has said that he has no knowledge of such incidences. I am surprised that as Vice President he is ignorant of the fact that soldiers last week went around town using hailers giving an ultimatum of seven days for the vendors to leave the streets. They were dressed in Army uniform.
(c) Now Daily


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