Mujuru Dead and Buried

Now Daily Analysis

Anyone who still thinks Joice Mujuru can rise up from the ashes of her shattered political career and command enough muscle and support to make an impact in the 2018 elections is either totally ignorant of the facts or deliberately misleading others. Weird analysis in questionably ‘independent’ newspapers like the Daily News, which has been accused of being partially owned by Mujuru because of its biased, sympathetic coverage, has led many to believe that the former vice president can make a strong showing in the next election. That is far from logical. Such a pedestrian view is no different from Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace’s incessant bombardment of Mujuru before her unceremonious ouster, blaming her for everything that has gone wrong in Zimbabwe, including the drought!
A more dangerous spin-off from this uneven, misinformed debate and concoction of lies is that some within the pro-democracy movement have become confused by these lies and are now putting pressure on MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai to forge an electoral alliance with Mujuru and even allow her to lead such a coalition.
The strongest argument by such pundits is that Mujuru knows Mugabe and Zanu PF well and would use such inside information to prevent electoral fraud. The truth is, nobody knows how Mugabe rigged the 2013 election, including Mujuru. If any of them, or any of the cabinet ministers or politicians knew, they would have spilled the beans by now. So, to suggest that the hapless Mujuru, who still spots a Robert Mugabe T-shirt despite her obvious predicament, can rise up and oppose her hero is misplaced faith in events and personalities, which has cost Zimbabwe its freedom for so long.
A few quick points to note: Joice Mujuru has no political party. The so-called Zanu People First only exists in the fertile imagination of characters like Rugare Gumbo, who have used media manipulation to pretend that this non-entity exists. If the party actually exists, where are its commissars? Where can the people register and buy party cards? The truth is that, on the ground, People First is only a phantom. It has already suffered a still-birth, just like Simba Makoni’s Mavambo Kusile Dawn, which was heralded as the answer to Mugabe’s stranglehold on state power before quickly sinking into oblivion after dividing the opposition vote in 2008. In fact, some Mavambo officials were to later reveal that Makoni’s split was encouraged by Mugabe to prevent disaffected Zanu PF members from joining the MDC, which was the logical next step.
Point two, the so-called Gamatox faction is disintegrating at an al
The fall of Joice Mujuru did not start with her ouster from Zanu PF at the party’s congress of 2014. Rather, that was the breathtaking finale. The final nail in her political coffin, if you will. The fall of Mujuru started in 2007 when her husband was found to be the force behind Simba Makoni. The plan at that time was that General Solomon Mujuru would propose during the Zanu PF congress that Makoni would become the party’s 2008 presidential candidate. That plan was foiled by then political commissar Elliot Manyika, who declared Mugabe the candidate and ended the meeting before any vote was taken.
This led to the Bhora Musango campaign, which saw Zanu PF splintering and Mugabe being defeated at the polls in March 2008.
Weakened by the suspected murder of her husband and her ejection from the vice presidency of party and country, Mujuru is now a spent force. Her faction is under severe attack. Many of her loyal fans have lost their jobs as ministers and MPs. Many others are targetted for purging in the armed services where they had been set up by General Mujuru. Already, some of these victims, like Temba Mliswa, Didymus Mutasa’s nephew, are blaming Mujuru for going quiet while they are being attacked.
Mujuru is corrupt. That is evident from her involvement in Telecel, whose licence she awarded to characters linked to her husband’s relative James Makamba. At the same time, it will be recalled, she fought tooth and nail to prevent Makamba’s rival Strive Masiyiwa’s Econet from getting a licence. Later, Mujuru’s daughter Nyasha and her husband Pedro Del Campo were caught trying to smuggle three tonnes of gold into Europe. Then there are the allegations that she seized 10 percent shares in a number of firms, including the Daily News.
The hype around Joice Mujuru will soon die down. After that, she will sink into oblivion and become just another victim of Mugabe’s stranglehold on power, like Simba Makoni or Dumiso Dabengwa.


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