SEX SCANDAL: Mangoma Assaulted by Lover’s Husband

By Harriet Fisher|
Now Daily|

Adulterous MDC Renewal Team treasurer Elton Mangoma was injured on Tuesday after he was beaten up by the ‘husband’ of his alleged lover, Yemurai Maravanyika.
Witnesses told Now Daily that Mangoma was cut by broken glass after he was punched several times by an enraged Believe Tevera and crashed through a french door, breaking it. The incident happened at the party offices in Eastlea, in full view of officials who had gathered for a meeting.
A party official said Mangoma suffered cuts and bruises, was treated in hospital and discharged with a bandaged head.
Tevera told journalists that it was Mangoma who pushed him first, after he handed a petition to party organizer Last Maengahama demanding a party investigation into the alleged sex scandal.
“I asked Mr Mangoma why he had destroyed my marriage by taking away my wife, leaving my son without a mother. He pushed me and I retaliated. He fell on some glasses and got injured,” Tevera said.
However, witnesses disputed this and said Tevera, a provincial youth executive member, had come with the intention to fight Mangoma.
In a nasty turn, however, Tevera and his friends Pride Mukono and Makomborero Hamuzivishe were dragged from a taxi as they tried to flee the scene and thoroughly beaten by Mangoma supporters.
Mukono said he wanted the party to apologize for Mangoma’s actions. He said the matter had been reported to the police.
Party spokesman Jacob Mafume deplored the violence but said the alleged adultery should be handed to the courts if there was evidence. Tevera claims to have photographs of Mangoma and Maravanyika making out at Jameson hotel in Harare.
(c) Now Daily 2015. All Rights Reserved.


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