Naked Healing Stunt Backfires for Pastor

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

Howls of protest have erupted after a South African clergyman ordered his flock to strip naked in order to get prayer.
The pastor, who goes under the name ‘Prophet Penuel’ of the End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve, Gauteng, is now under investigation and faces possible criminal charges for forcing people to expose themselves indecently, assault and violating the dignity of women.
According to witnesses, Penuel invited those who wanted to be prayed for to come close to him during a service last Thursday. He then ordered them to strip naked, flung them to the ground and stomped on them violently. In one shocking image, Penuel is seen jumping onto the back of a half naked woman and stamping on her repeatedly with booted feet. The sect later posted the violent images on its website and claimed this was a “total demonstration of God’s power. No pain (was) felt in them, meaning God is with us”.
Another naked person is seen licking the pastor’s shoes.
The images have now been deleted from the website after it emerged the church faced civil and criminal charges from the victims.
The church’s website was flooded with comments condemning Penuel’s actions.
“Satanic church, devilish followers. God will punish you for misleading people using his name,” said Ekemini Ebiwok.
Sis N Qwabe said: “They are all possessed by evil spirits. They must accept Jesus as their saviour. How can you strip your clothes in the house of God?”
A few people, however, supported the preacher.
“This is indeed of God. Daddy Penuel, may God increase you to do more that will shock people,” said Naomi Nkoana.
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