Kasukuwere in Spying Scandal, Sells Mugabe’s Secrets Through Girlfriend

By Peter Bolder|
Now Daily|

Zanu PF political commissar and environment minister Saviour Kasukuwere has been exposed as a foreign spy, triggering an internal investigation, according to party insiders.
Axed party Mashonaland West chair Temba Mliswa confirmed that Kasukuwere had met clandestinely with South African president Jacob Zuma to pass him government and party secrets and also bolster his own campaign for the Zimbabwean presidency.
Mliswa said he had photographs of himself and Kasukuwere, a former intelligence operative, with Zuma during the secret meeting, which was not sanctioned by dictator Robert Mugabe.
“Kasukuwere is power-hungry,”Mliswa said. “We met Zuma without going through appropriate channels. Mugabe was not aware. Why did he meet Zuma without being sent by His Excellency? What was the agenda and the drive? The evidence is there.”
Other sources said Kasukuwere had also met secretly with American, Russian, Chinese and Australian officials to sell them sensitive information about Mugabe’s health and the ongoing succession squabbles in his fractured party.
The pressure group Zimbabweans for Prosperity (ZFP), which claims to have Central Intelligence Organization operatives in its ranks, also made the allegations.
“We know you are selling state secrets, Mr Kasukuwere and we can prove it. Mugabe is going to be very, very angry with you,” ZFP said. “We know about the woman you pretend is your girlfriend when she is your handler. You did not learn from Chiyangwa.”
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