Jilted Man Takes to WhatsApp to Expose Mangoma ‘Sex Scandal’

By Harry Fisher|
Now Daily|

Believe Tevera, the man who accuses MDC Renewal Team treasurer Elton Mangoma of having sex with his wife, has set up a WhatsApp group to ‘expose’ the former minister.
In a statement posted in the group, Tevera accused Mangoma of being a ‘sex monger’ and said the party was no longer safe for women.
“I thought that as Renewal Team we (were) a family but I have discovered that some of our leaders want to take advantage of us using their money,” Tevera said. “This is mainly directed to Mangoma, who is in love with my wife Yemurai Maravanyika and who financed her to run away from our home and he is paying rent for her, leaving behind a one year-old son. I think Yemurai is like a daughter to you vaMangoma because she is only 20 years old but you saw a wife in her. What kind of leader are you? You make Renewal unsafe for our daughters, wives and sisters. Munemari but ndeyenyu (you have money but it’s yours), don’t use it to steal other people’s happiness, especially members of the party that you lead. I have photos of you with my wife at Jameson hotel. I have lost respect for you leader, you are a sex monger.”
Mangoma denied the charges. Tevera’s claims could not be verified independently and he did not produce any incriminating pictures.
However, another MDC Renewal Team executive member, Evelyn Masaiti promised to investigate the matter and pleaded with Tevera not to take any further measures against the former energy and power development minister. Tevera is an unemployed Midlands State University graduate. He claims to have been ‘married’ to Maravanyika for more than two years.
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