Satanist Busted After Luring Zimbabweans

By Charlene Madondo|
Now Daily|

The website of a South African woman who caused a stir on social media last week by openly inviting Zimbabweans to join satanism has been de-activated under unclear circumstances.
Going under the name Nikiwe Mariah, the person was threatened with violent retribution after she used her Facebook account to direct people to established American satanist groups.
“Lucifer is our lord. Satan is God of this world, king of hell, ruler of the earth. I love and believe in 666. Let’s serve satan forever, we belong to hell,” Mariah said before her account was taken down mysteriously.
She encouraged people to join groups such as New York-based Illuminati, whose members include superstars like Jay Z and Rihanna, Temple of Satan based in Colorado, Gates of Hell, Joy of Satan and many others.
Mariah encouraged Zimbabweans to get ‘rich and famous’ by ‘selling their soul to the devil’. She even provided a link on how to do it: “Selling their soul: The Luciferian Contract,”.
The Tshwane college-educated Mariah described herself as a ‘princess of hell’ at the fast-growing group, Satanism. Though trained in mathematical modelling, her posts were mostly about promoting satanism.
However, some have dismissed the offers of improbable fame and fortune as a hoax put out by clever scammers. Others say it is a marketing gimmick by Hollywood to sell horror movies and a scheme by music labels to promote stars.
Groups like Temple of Satan charge $200 to join and even provide a paypal account for the purpose, (
Many Zimbabweans reacted with shock to such open advocacy for the ‘devil’. Although devil worship is common in the country, it has often been disguised as animism, ancenstral worship and cults claiming to be Christian.
Some satanist groups confirm that their practices involve sacrifices, rituals and ‘blood money’.
It was not immediately clear how many Zimbabweans responded to the unusual offers.
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One thought on “Satanist Busted After Luring Zimbabweans

  1. Moddaw

    What happened to freedom regard conscience, is not every man free to worship whatever they want? I knew a young woman called Nikiwe, i cant confirm if its the same girl, but Nikiwe was a light seeker just a I, though she was a Theistic Satanist and I a Luciferian, i cant advocate her claims of instant wealth and soul trading, but i can advocate seeking guidance from the true God and Light bringer



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