Bona Mugabe’s Marriage Problems Give Dictator Sleepless Nights

By Amelia Johnson|
Now Daily|

President Robert Mugabe has confirmed holding a midnight meeting on Thursday with his eldest daughter Bona Mugabe and her husband Simba Chikore who, according to relatives, are going through a stormy marriage.
Mugabe said the meeting with Bona and her husband lasted for three hours, forcing him to sleep late, delaying an official function by five hours.
Mugabe said he had reached home at midnight following a rancourous politburo meeting Thursday night in which several senior party members were expelled.
“When I arrived home, my daughter and her husband were waiting for me. They left at 3 am,” Mugabe said, without disclosing why the meeting was so urgent and why it lasted so long. He also did not state if his wife Grace attended the unusual family meeting.
However, close relatives said Bona and Simba had been fighting of late, the dispute being fuelled by accusations from the Chikore family that Mugabe’s daughter was deliberately refusing to fall pregnant and have a child.
Chikore’s relatives are angry that more than a year after her wedding attended by presidents, including South Africa’s Jacob Zuma, Bona is showing no signs of pregnancy. They say Simba Chikore is now deeply frustrated, has taken to wild partying, may be doing drugs, has become abusive and distant.
Chikore has also failed to fit into the wealthy Mugabes’ family circles after his claim to be a pilot at Emirates Airways was exposed as a lie. Intelligence officials who vetted him found that Chikore (38) was a ‘cassanova’ who had had a string of sexual partners before marrying Bona Mugabe in 2014, including gospel diva Emelda Mudzamiri.
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